Making a Difference

Making a Difference

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Making a Difference

In southern Louisiana lies the city of New Orleans. This city is home to some of the nastiest murders you will ever see. In this city there are two brothers, Kobe and Willis, growing up in the midst of all this African American versus Caucasian war. The gang war is happening because the southern Americans think that the African Americans should still be slaves. This is there story.

It was a crisp fall morning. The sun was in the air, the birds were singing and in downtown New Orleans, the death toll was raising. It had been all over the news and just recently, three nooses were found hanging from a tree in the courtyard of the Jena High School.

When Kobe and Willis got home they went up into the room that they shared and started there homework. The twin brothers had always excelled at school and just started grade ten. The boys and their mom Theresa lived in a small two bed and one bath house. The three have been on there own since there father was a victim in 9/11. He was on one of the planes on his way home from a business trip.

Kobe was watching the news and trying to think of a way that he could help stop the gang violence. He could join the police. He could run for politics. So many thoughts ran through his head but none seemed very logical. All of a sudden the telephone rang. Theresa grabbed it and sat down, it was her sister. Late last night the boys’ uncle was kidnapped on his way home. Their mother began to sob and the boys tried to console her. As they hugged there mom the two brothers eyes caught and they knew that they were going to find the guy who took there uncle.

The boys didn’t tell there mom because they knew that she would not approve of them getting involved in the gang violence. Kobe awoke to the sound of his door being banged on. He looked over at his clock; it was 8:00 and he was late. He jumped out of bed and answered the door. It was his friend Damien waking him up. He quickly got dressed,...

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