The Difference

The Difference

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The Difference
Sean Christopher White
ENG 121
Lisa Teitler
June 4, 2012

I. Introduction
II. Ink Pens
a. Ruins cloths when busted
b. When busted can stain a washer and dryer
c. Required to fill out official documents
d. Required for official signatures
III. Pencils
a. Great for conducting inventories
b. Lead can easily break
c. Ideal for doing math
d. Needs to be sharpened/replaced often
IV. Conclusion

The Difference
I have been told there are those that believe pencils are the best writing instrument. a pencil. Personally I do not think that one is better than the other. Both pens and pencils have a purpose and place to be utilized. When using a pen, typically what you write is permanent and not meant to be changed or erased. Consequently, pencils are useful for just the opposite; they can easily change and erase minor mistakes as well as make corrections. The following information will delve into what I consider the major pros and cons with the choice between ink pens and pencils as well as selection of appropriate writing utensils to utilize in specific situations.
First, I will cover some negative aspects of pens. As well all know pens can be the demise of a set of cloths that were still new by leaking onto a shirt cuff. Also as a I have had the unfortunate experience with leaving them in a pocket while whey went through a wash and dry load in the laundry. While in the washing machine or the dryer the pen or pens “busted” leaving my cloths full of patterns that were not there in the beginning. The best way to prevent something like this from happening is to develop a habit of emptying every pocket before placing cloths into the laundry bin, regardless if you use the pocket or not. Another con to washing a pen in your laundry is the resultant of the inside of washing machines and dryers. Trying to get ink stains out of metal is a task that is nearly impossible and causes massive...

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