Inamorata and Inamorato in their public display of too much affection: an eyeful or an eyesore

Inamorata and Inamorato in their public display of too much affection: an eyeful or an eyesore


A Research Paper in partial fulfilment of the requirements
in English 2N (Writing in Discipline)

Submitted by
Maville Lou A. Soriano
BS BIOLOGY (General) - I A4-2

Submitted to
Peter John Mendoza

Department of English
College of Arts and Social Sciences
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Iligan City
Whenever you witness these lovers, Inamoratas and Inamoratos, who are so in love or has this intimate relationship ’HHWW’ (holding hands while walking), what would be your initial reaction? Would you be smiling and giggling, then say “Aowwhh, how sweet”?
How about if these lovers sat on the bench under the shed of this big mango tree then the ‘shy’ boy kisses the ‘demure’ girl’s forehead and she blushed. She gives a peck on his cheek in return and he grinned. Then, after a couple of minutes you noticed that they were constantly having some weird movements and some kind of these octopus hands, from lots of rubbing against each other’s torsos like cats up to the point of guzzling necks and eating each other's face in a close embrace in that public place− acts which are indeed way too creepy. What then would be your initial reaction: would you be shocked, annoyed, or what?
For us, Filipinos, kissing and displaying affection in public is considered scandalous and in bad taste, but it is likewise rude to make a scene of it. We lean towards a more conservative outlook when it comes to sexual morality though we have seen foreign films where even high school kids go necking in hallways, inside their cars, on the pavement, and almost everywhere. These films should have made us immune to foreplay, but I guess seeing it done in real life is another thing, whether we see it here or abroad. So far, here in Iligan, most especially, in MSU-IIT, I have witnessed milder versions of PDA's (Public Display of...

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