India's Contribution to World Peace

India's Contribution to World Peace

We all know that India’s contribution to world peace is significant.
Since the very ancient times, India had great advocators of peace and harmony.
The saints and sages of the past like Buddha, Mahavira and Sankaracharya
were spokesmen of peaceful co-existence.
They taught us love, sympathy and consideration for all living creatures around us.

In modern times we have Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whom the world praises
by the name Mahatma. His ideas of peace and non-violence are the testimonials of
India's contribution to World Peace. His messages were sources of great
inspiration for many nations and people throughout. World Leaders like
Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela carried out his principles for
securing freedom for their natives. And in India's struggle of Independence
his unique concept of nonviolence and civil disobedience were that great and
appealing that it brought appreciation even from the mouth of the British.

Jawaharlal Nehru is another major figure. His love for children and fight for
their rights is more than worth noticing. He once said that
"Children are blossom-buds eager to bloom
Let them bloom and spread fragrance in air"

From then onwards, India's contribution to World Peace is remarkable. The
greatest contribution was done by Mother Teresa and Baba Amte. For the social
services she has done, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
She cared the poor and the miserable and provided them with means of living
and happiness. In the history of India, she is ever a lighted lamp of peace
and social services.

Baba Amte on other hand made himself a lesson for the world by helping the poor
and disabled people affected by Leprosy. He got the Magsasay Award in 1985 and
United Nations Human Rights Prize in 1988. He died recently in February 2008,
but has done enough to avail his services through his followers.

India as a nation has done enough for ensuring world peace and harmony. India

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