Industrial 4 ton gas diesel oil steam boiler

Industrial 4 ton gas diesel oil steam boiler

ZG Best industrial boiler manufacturer Gas Diesel oil boiler 4ton steam boiler

1.Dual fuel heating oil/gas boiler
2. Effieciency 94% oil gas fired boiler
3.Pump, gas burner, cast steel valves
4.Full automatic,PLC intelligent control
5.Auto water softener
6. Output: steam, difficulties

1. Options that come with Gas/oil fired Boilers :

1). WNS number of heating oil gas-fired boiler uses the standard three return trip technology the entire wet back structure.
2). The furnace transfer and breathing tube radiation heat convection rational design, layout of adequate heating boilers, high thermal efficiency.
3). This furnace water capacity, full heat exchanger, especially for medium and enormous sized boiler.
4).This furnace helpful to burn the biggest market of an exceptional technology,the entire wet back structure, the furnace volumn is big. use radiation furnace heat exchanger,and throughout the combustion of fuels burnout level, making boiler thermal efficiency improved greatly.
5). This simplifies the furnace heating surface design,for period of time-power boiler.

3. Factory assurance:
1). 1 year parts warranty
2). Spare parts available at ex-factory price
3). Different voltage available
4). 100% tested before delivery
5). WNS boiler capacity starting from 500 -- 30000 Kg/h.
6). Skid-mounted complete system available 100-- 2000 kg/h.
7). Complete system fixed in container available 100-- 4000 kg/h.
8). Engineer on-site instruction of installation and commissioning available.

Why do you choice our boiler?

1. Lower dust emission & SO2 emission & NOx emission,
dust emission concentration < 30mg/m³
SO2 & NOx emission concentration < 18mg/m³
2. Boiler equips European Burner, fuel combustion can achieve automatic adjustment.
3. We supply 2 units Water Pump (one duty one standby) which from the famous pump manufacturer.
4. Boiler can achieve automatic temperature control & pressure control & feed water control & feed fuel...

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