Integration Issues

Integration Issues

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Types of physical settings Issues Strategies
• In the Computer Laboratory (videorecording reference)

• In the Science Laboratory or in the Classroom

Student IT literacy – students may have a varying level of IT literacy, and some may be very proficient while for others, it may be their first attempt at the computer

Students may be passive or appear to be unable to follow the class.

Students busy surfing the net and not paying attention

Rowdy students running around the laboratory and disrupting the class

Students may be unresponsive and appear uninvolved

Teacher could survey the students on the students level of IT literacy, and classify the students into 3 groups: Proficient, Comfortable and Beginner

Pairing up the proficient students with the beginners and getting the pair to help each other out in order to progress together. Engage in cooperative learning for the pair. If there are insufficient proficient students, then pair the comfortable with the beginners.

Get the IT representative to assist in minor troubleshooting

Passiveness could be due to an inability to follow the class, and teacher could employ the coloured cups method to let students draw attention to themselves when they are in doubt.

Give clear and concise instructions in the form of a navigation guide

Get students to turn off the monitor when not in use.

Mouse to be turned over to ensure students do not “accidentally” touch the mouse.

Dim lights when giving instructions

Use of junglebyte software to occasionally project the screen of random students to keep them alert and deter them from surfing around.

They could be trying to get the attention of the teacher, and teacher could consider enlisting the help of these students (giving them some role to perform).

Persistence in bad behavior would require some time-out measures.

Get IT representative to assist in the setup, so that the teacher can maintain order in the class before the...

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