Interlinking of Rivers

Interlinking of Rivers



Thesedays the linking of rivers in India is a catchword due to the notion that it has the capacity to control the flood. Since last one decade the subject was under national debate whether to adopt this measure for flood control or bear whatever is written on our fate as curse to face the problems inflicted by the nature. Since several decades the Kosi river was an epithet and has been considered as the “Sorrow of Bihar” but now with the construction of embankment the problem has been tackled to some extent. Very recently, the Revenue Department of the Government of Bihar has sanctioned Rs. 3,42 crore for west of Kosi River and 4,28 crore for the linking of five rivers in the east of Kosi region of Bihar near the Nepal border. Although as yet, nothing tangible has been done to solve the problem, it could be hoped that linking of rivers and the construction of high-level canal from North Bihar to South Bihar at several places may solve the problem on a large scale for the purpose of irrigation and flood control. In the desert area of Chili in South America in the name of watershed management. This type of project is also culminating in the central part of China, connecting Yangtze River in the south up to the semi desert region of Mongolia which favours irrigation, proper management of water for agricultural development, creating a barrier for the expansion of Gobi desert and several others.

1. This thesis will search out that which rivers to be linked with one another big rivers, so that the problem of flood may be controlled.
2. The linking of river also suggest for checking the soil erosion at different stages of the rivers.
3. This project will facilitate fishing, navigation and controlled use of water in a particular river so that it may not be a problem for the farmers, agricultural field and cities of the area.
4. The fourth problem is to judge the role of...

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