Intermountain Healthcare Case Study

Intermountain Healthcare Case Study

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1. Introduction
This paper will illustrate the case of Intermountain Health Care how they utilizes Clinical Integration care delivery protocols to improve their performance involving physicians, technologies, organization structure and operating mechanism. First, this paper will give the core concept of IHC and discuss how IHC apply it across organization. Second, analyzing the approaches of IHC in managing explains why they can perform well. Third, summarizing the approaches that IHC has been deployed gives some suggestions to some non-medical organizations.

2. The core concept: Clinical Integration
Clinical integration has been applied to optimize the structure of IHC’s health service. According to Deming, IHC focuses on providing higher quality in order to reach lower cost. Firstly, depending on clinical integration which refers to the coordination of care across consistent services applies effectively in four regions (Urban North, Urban Central, Urban South and Rural) where have received what they real need health services such as primary care involving outpatient and inpatient acute hospital care. Secondly, introducing HELP for inpatient care and CW for use in outpatient clinics and physician offices allow IHC to improve their performance (care-enhancing and productivity-enhancing). Thirdly, encouraging practitioners to use EMR and PCMS provides clinical-decision support. Fourth, identifying key clinical protocols helps IHC reducing cost from the clinical operating budget as well as improves clinical quality.

3. The analysis of IHC’s approaches
Firstly, IHC aims to optimize the clinical process based on monthly Guidance Council meetings. This mechanism reports their current level of performance, the way to achieve clinical goals, and the barriers between fulfilling the goals, which establishes the channel to educate all physicians and nurses. Secondly, IHC tries to decrease variation in clinical process and test new process through analytics as well...

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