International Labor Migration

International Labor Migration

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In an era of globalization, international labor migration has become an increasingly important feature in world economic development. The reason for this is simply because of the increasing rate of unemployment and the poverty especially in developing countries. This paper aims at discussing trends, issues and impact of the international labor migration especially with the unskilled workers. It also highlights the connection between trade and migration of labor. Factors leading to migration have been associated with wage differences and also related with other non-economic factors such as looking for more experiences, geographical location, and cultural ties. As demand and supply for this type of labor is on the increase, there is a need for the governments in both labor sending and receiving countries to consider serious solutions towards these problems.

Keywords: Globalization; International Labor Migration; Unskilled Workers

Due to lack of employment opportunities in developing countries and increasing demand for unskilled workers in developed countries, youth, women and men are pursuing work in other countries in order to cater for themselves and their families. The major cause of the limited development impact of migration is the closed door policy of receiving countries on the admission of low-skilled workers from developing countries while opening their doors for highly skilled workers. There is also an urgent need for a global policy which would promote international labor mobility. The question is no longer whether to have migration since it has a lot of benefits, but rather how to manage it successfully to promote its gains and reduce its negative side effects.
International labor is mainly a decent work and a labor market issue. According to...

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