Internship Report

Internship Report

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Internship Report

The Reid’s Palace Hotel,
Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
SPA Receptionist

Hye Yeon Choi ( Yeon )

Spring Semester 2013

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Observation 3
SPA Organization 3
Organization Chart 4
My job description and application 4
Conclusion 5
Reference 7

Since the reception is related to all the departments in the hotel I was ambitious to have a chance to work as a receptionist because I want to learn how it works in reality. I asked advice from internship office and they recommended me to go to Madeira Island in Portugal since this Island is well known for touristic island especially people from England. This is why I could have chance to work as the SPA receptionist at The Reid’s Palace Hotel.

During my 6months working as a SPA receptionist at the Reid’s Palace Hotel in Madeira, Portugal, I mainly learned many skills about OPERA and most importantly I progressed in communication and interaction skills with the guest.

In this report, I would like to share my experiences, how I applied the things that I learned during my first year in the school and how my internship effected to my personal growth.

Orient Express, which the Reid’s Palace Hotel is belonged, was founded in 1965 and the world well known luxurious hotel chain. There are 38 hotels in total all around the world and they provide unique services mainly based on local culture and tradition of each destination.

The Reid’s Palace Hotel has the category of a five-star deluxe hotel and is one of the oldest and best hotels in the world. The Reid’s Palace is separated into two parts: the main wing and the garden wing and surrounded by 5hectars of lush semi-tropical gardens. The hotel has 163rooms including 35suites. Most of rooms have a balcony or terrace with sea view. The hotel offers 6restaurants with buffet, fine dining, and à la carte style with 2bars. The hotel also...

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