Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal Relationship

Paralegals are most often asked to prepare general legal correspondence in a case, such as informative and confirmation letters.

Please read carefully and complete a written assignment as directed below:

You have been working as Attorney Smith’s paralegal on the Jones v. ABC Auto Company case. Ms. Smith represents the plaintiff, Mary Jones, in the litigation. She has asked you to prepare a letter to Ms. Jones advising her that the court has scheduled a settlement conference in 2 weeks at 9:30 a.m. You also need to instruct the client that the attorney wants to meet with her prior to the court conference. The attorney has asked you to briefly advise the client as to the nature and purpose of a settlement conference. You can conduct an Internet search to better understand the purpose of a settlement conference.

Please prepare a letter to the client advising as to the nature, purpose, time, and date of the upcoming court conference, and the need for a meeting with the attorney. You can use a fictional address for the client, as well as for the courthouse and even the attorney’s office. In addition, you can create dates that fall within the next 2 weeks to include in the letter. Please follow the general format for legal correspondence contained in Chapter 8 of your text.

This individual work should be:

An in-depth submission that is free of spelling and grammar errors
One (1) page in length

You will be assessed on the nature and scope of your research and response.
Your response must cite any supporting material from the text, lecture or other sources you have used to complete the assignment.
For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

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