Interview Questions

Interview Questions

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If you could change one thing about the university what would it be and why
I would change the food situation. Student who attend The University are required to have id card. On their id card is their meal plan. A big part of their meal plan is the dining dollars which a student may spend at any places to get food such as chick fil a and starbucks. There is a limit to what students may spend with their dining dollars. It limits them to only spend their money on campus. I would change the dinning dollars so students may use their meal plan at places in downtown. This allows students to explore their community more and be seen around the city. This would benefit the university by having students more involved with the community. I know the University of Alabama allows students to use their dining dollars at places off campus. Downtown is walking distance from the university so it would allow students to use their meal plan in more places and allow them go explore the off campus life.

What is your favorite part of the campus
My favorite part of campus is walking to class and seeing your friends and seeing people you may have class with. Because the university is smaller it allows people to run into each other. At a larger university it will feel overwhelming because of the amount of people who attend. Going to a smaller university allow you to have close relationships with more people. Walking around campus you will always run into a friendly face.

Why do you want this job
I want this job because I want to inform students in high school how much the university means to me. I want everyone to know how great the campus is. I could talk for hours about the university and I want to share with high school students how great the university is and hope they would come visit and love it as much as I do.

How could you make this job better
I would make this job better by always bringing a smile to peoples faces when we talk. I am very organized and would...

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