Introduction to Research Designs and Statistics Concepts

Introduction to Research Designs and Statistics Concepts


Research Design and Statistics Concepts

University Of Phoenix

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|Concepts |Application of Concept in the Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
|Misleading Statistics |According to Bea Hansen the sample size was not the only item|“Many abusers of statistics are simply |
| |that could affect the outcome of the data it was also how the|ignorant or careless, while others have an |
| |data was collected, the timeframe in which it was collected, |objective to mislead the reader by emphasizing|
| |as well as gender, age, and income. Best Market Research used|data that support their position while leaving|
| |a sample size of 140,000, which was too large and resulted in|out data that may be detrimental to their |
| |skewed data. |position”. (Cooper, D. R.& Schindler, P.S, |
| | |2003) |
|Stratified Random Sampling |When a population can be divided into groups based on some |“A population is divided into subgroups, |
| |characteristic, then stratified random sampling can be used. |called strata, |
| |Jim Wilson and his team used groups of small business owners |and a sample is randomly selected from each |
| |to identify an opportunities in the use of a credit card with|stratum”....

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