Introduction to Game Design

Introduction to Game Design


Introduction to
Game Design

Assignment 2

Original Game Title: Bart’s Skate Bored

Student No: 0738477

Date of Submission: 16/08/2009


Contents 2
1. Introduction 2
6.Planning 2
2. How Program functions 3
3.Rules 3
4.Steps To Create 3
5. Source image info / manipulation 4
7.Conclusion 4
8.Bibliography 4

1. Introduction

(Rosenzweig, 2003)Says “start small and build”. This game is a small maze game called maze craze it is a game intended for 3 – 5 year olds.
The game can also be said to be an adventure game, adventure games have always been popular, especially under this age group, Rosenzweig also agrees , adventure games have been popular computer games even from the beginning when they were text based to present day, where elaborate three-dimensional graphics take the place of text.
In this game a two –dimensional top-down view approach has be taken were we shall combine code for character movement, collusion detection and techniques learnt in the workshop


Really the plan was to do this big adventure game effort was utilised to use self drawn graphics and half way through the game did not work.
Really on evaluation, a better plan starting small thgen building up should suffice.
In the game code refernce s made to some of the big plans intendding to achieve but easier plans start small

3. How Program functions

the first introductory interface is the start frame in which several interactive buttons namely “ play game”, Tutorial and Quit the play game button takes the player to the level1 frame in which game play start, the function used to accomplish this is on mouse Up which was use to activate the buttons that have been used.
Global variables were declared at the start of the program and they were initialised in the start movie function.
Next the exit frame function, which contains functions and various methods that enable the player do the following...

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