Is Technology Changing the Way of Learning?

Is Technology Changing the Way of Learning?

Is Technology Changing the Way of Learning?

Many teachers and school board members, along with the

community believe that computer-based technology could provide

support for the students thinking abilities. The technology of

computers should help with improving the work and learning

process of elementary and secondary students. (Ornstein/Levine

494.) The only problem with technology use in the classrooms is

if the schools are not able to afford enough computers for the

majority of the class.

Students need to have equal opportunity for technology

improvement. A Term called “digital divide” refers to the people

who have access to the latest technologies and those institutions

who do not. Often students that come from low-income housing

have less of an advantage to learn and work with computer based

programming than students from middle-income schools and housing

(Ornstein/Levine 496.) Lately though, schools that have students

that come from low-income families are provided with a greater

amount of computers for their use.

Another group that is falling behind on computer access are

girls (Ornstein/Levine 496.) They do not play computer games

like the boys do and understand how computer gaming and
simulation works.

There is a lot of effort being made so technology can be

learned and used by everyone. There are community neighborhood

computer centers being built around low-income rural and urban

areas. These centers allow for the community and children to

learn about computer so people of different communities are not

“left behind.” (Ornstein/Levine 496.)

Another issue with the technology of the computer is how

well the teacher incorporates it into the curriculum. Although,

if the teachers are incorporating the computers into their

curriculum correctly and go about it with the right manor,

researchers are finding that the students have...

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