It Industry Careers

It Industry Careers

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Vadis Fields
INF 103
Susan Meckert
March 30, 2009

It Industry Careers-Types, Certificate, degree requirements, duties, salary, job outlook

The computer technology field is taking a world wide turn in the society today. Everything from ID cards to personal medical records can now be accessed by a computer chip. The purpose of this research project is to show what the It Industry Careers- Types, certificate, degree requirements, duties, salary, and job outlook is in the technical field. This document will show what type of career opportunities that is available and what degree is required for each position. Some position can be done without a degree, but the salary is limited.
There are many types of careers in the It field, but the main careers that will be covered will cover any field in the IT industry that you will like to work and pays a good salary. The careers are; Database Management, Network Administration, Computer Programming, Web Development, Internet Security and Computer Forensics. There are careers that basic computer knowledge will land the job, but those careers are being taken by individuals that have a degree and experience. Basic computer skills are designed to get you in the door of an IT technology business. This project will help an individual looking to go in the IT industry to focus on what is needed to achieve the goals that they are aiming to reach. This project will show an individual how to set up short term goals in order to reach the long term goals of success.

There are some fields that are certificate courses. These courses are Information System Security and Information Technology Pathway Certificates. These certificates can be earned anywhere from six to eight months.
The University of Phoenix, The System Security Certificate is designed to prepare students with the competencies and skills needed to function effective in the Information...

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