It is Key to Choose Hammer Head Material for Hammer Crusher

It is Key to Choose Hammer Head Material for Hammer Crusher

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Hammer head of hammer crusher machine is the main working parts, its design is mainly refers to the design of the structure.Because of the shape of the hammer head, quality, materials and crusher production capacity has very big effect. Especially shape on the quality of distribution, the material of use has a great influence. Structure design and relevant improvement of hammer head were discussed in detail in the project.In brief, its shape, structure design, for its ability to work, to the production capacity of the whole hammer crusher machine. As well as the economy and so on various aspects have far-reaching consequences. So we can get that it is important to choose suitable hammer head materials for the hammer crushing.

Hammer mill crusher is usually used for crushing coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, tile and limestone as well as for crushing fiber structure, broken wood with strong elasticity and tenacity, paper and crushing waste material of asbestos cement for recycling asbestos fiber. In addition, hammering machine can be used not only in stone production line and sand making production, but in ore beneficiation production line to replace cone crusher.

Hammer head material selection for hammer crusher machine is a key problem. The choice of material depends on the working conditions and requirements of work parts. Because of the broken confidential broken is medium hardness materials such as limestone. Generally use high carbon steel forging or casting, high manganese steel casting is also available. In order to improve the wear resistance, high manganese low alloy steel, some in the work. As a surface coated with a layer of hard alloy. Some high chromium cast iron, its wear resistance is several times greater than that of the high manganese steel hammer.

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