javelin power point

javelin power point

Javelin-Close Combat Missile


The Javelin surface-attack guided missile and launcher is a fire-andforget, man- portable medium close combat missile system
consisting of a command launch unit (CLU) and a round. The Javelin
is operated by an individual Soldier or in crews of two or three.
Soldiers can use the Javelin during the day, at night, and during
limited visibility conditions.

The Javelin is a fire-and-forget, shoulder-fired weapon that consists
of a reusable M98A1 CLU and a round. The CLU houses the
daysight, night vision sight (NVS), controls, and indicators. The
round consists of the missile, the launch tube assembly (LTA), and
the battery coolant unit (BCU). The missile contains the guidance
section, mid-body section, warhead section, propulsion section, and
control actuator section. The LTA serves as the launch platform and
carrying container for the missile.

Type of System

Fire and Forget


One- to three-Soldier teams based on
table of organization and equipment

Missile Modes

Top Attack
Direct Attack


-Top attack mode minimum effective
engagement 150m
-Maximum effective engagement range
(direct attack and top attack modes)
-Direct attack mode minimum effective
engagement range 65m

Flight Time

About 14 seconds at 2,000m

Blastback Area

-Primary danger zone extends out 25 m
at a 60-degree (cone-shaped) angle
-Caution zone extends the cone-shaped
area out to 100 m

Propulsion (Two-Stage Motor)

-Launch motor ejects the missile from
the LTA
-Flight motor propels the missile to the

Firing From Inside Enclosures

-Minimum room length-15 ft
-Minimum room width-12 ft
-Minimum room height-7 ft

Javelin Components

attaches to the LTA, the only reusable portion of the
Javelin system. It consists of a main housing, shock
absorbers, handgrips, battery compartment, daysight,

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