Jaws Film Analysis

Jaws Film Analysis

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‘Jaws’ the film is about the twenty-five foot, Great White shark that takes up his home on Amity Island just in time fro the tourist season and soon coming Fourth of July.

The three main characters are, Brody (Roy Schneider) police chief scared of the waters of the island, Quint (Robert Shaw) the obsessed fisherman and Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) a marine biologist, who all head out to sea in a fishing bout to kill the predator, but soon come to discover how intelligent the shark actually is.

The opening scenes and the famous ‘Da Dum’ theme immediately thrilled the audience. Which has been described as the most ‘gripping scene in filming history Steven Spielberg scared the life out of people in 1975 when he released ‘Jaws’. At the beginning of the film where you only see a clear black screen but in the background can clearly hear the sound of the sea, which immediately links to what the film is about. But then as soon as you see the actual sea you go straight underwater with something swimming through the seaweed which makes the audience curious and nervous to see what is lurking in the water and penetrating music in the background.

When the camera pulls back to show a wide shot of the sea it reminds you of what is out there and the danger but the teenagers don’t know or suspect anything. Also there is a tilted frame with a high angled shot this shows the teenagers are weak and defenseless if they go into the water. The girl
Chrissie who is tracked by the camera, so you can feel fro her and connect to her and feel for her when she dives into the sea. The music to this film is truly a work of genius. Scenes that include quick fast music to slow deep music have the viewer sweating with intensity.

This article is a look back at Jaws 20 years after it revolutionized the industry.  While the film was very important at the time for its media attention, the concepts that went into Jaws would be long lasting.  Jaws became the first blockbuster as a...

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