Sankofa Film Analysis

Sankofa Film Analysis

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Nowadays in the society, there are so many races from all over the world. It is essential to point out that the history of black people was enslaved. The Slavery in Africa has been existed for several centuries, and even right now. Between the 15th century and the 19th century, some of the western colonial countries abducted lots of black race people to trade from Africa to America and other places. They utilize them to provide the labors. With the expansion of the slave trade, they began to take the way of escape to resist efforts to slavery trade. From the 15th Century, the black races have begun to suffering from the slavery. And the Europeans started slaving to getting more valuable resources such as gold and diamonds. However, since more and more black races uninterruptedly immigrate to America, the slavery problem was become more and more serious at the same time.
Actually, the slavery was really affected the whole world deeply. It drives the western economy; also brought huge benefit of western economy. However, for the black race people I think the bloody memory of this period was the most painful one. That period had to be the unforgettable for the black people forever and ever. Until right now, the impacted groups of people were still over the whole world. Their existences help people to realize the existence of this painful history. The movie Sankofa just helps people from the whole world to get to know how slavery hurt the black race people, even to remember this cruelest history.

I would like the talk about how did the slavery influence the western world and black world, how did their culture has been affected, and how did they win finally.

First and the foremost, as I mentioned before, the slavery helped to drive whole western economy; it brought them a huge benefits. As the very beginning of the movie “Sankofa”, we can see that many of the Africans were working on the plantation in the America. We can see that all of these black people...

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