Jazz Concert

Jazz Concert

On December 11th 2006 I attended the Jazz Improvisation

Class and Jazz Band concert. This concert was held at

Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville Illinois. The SWIC jazz

band performed many different performances. The jazz band

members include Dennis Aulenbacher and Allyson Pope on alto sax,

Jason Kolman on tenor sax, George Kohut on baritone, Steve

Gower, John Hilden, and Bruce Smith on trombones, Kyle Simpson

on bass trombone, Jeff Strahlem, Bill Sprenger, Andrew Stoltz, and

Matthew Koffmann on trumpets, Jamil Al-Aseeri, and Matthew

Deitner on guitar, Dwayne Riley on piano, Josh Deitner on bass, and

Josh Carrico on the drum set. The band started of with three

selections entitled Christmas Medley, Satin Doll, and O Holy Night.

The selection O Holy Night featured Jeff Strahlem on the flugelhorn

and the trumpet. The Jazz Improvisation Class was the next group to

perform. Their band members include; Tiffany Jennings, Jill Lodes

and Steven O’Donnell on trumpet, Brianna Benoit, and Daniel

Hoffman on piano, Ryan Birkner on guitar, and John Birkner and

Austin Luberda on bass. Their performance started off with a

selection entitled Cantaloupe Island. The rest of the performance was followed by selections titled Moon Alley, Tootsie, Autumn

Leaves, Summertime, and Cold Duck Time. At the end of the show

the SWIC jazz band was brought back onto the stage to perform five

more selections. Included in these selections were; Sentimental

Journey, All Too Soon, Sweet Georgia Brown, Tenderly, and Whirly

Bird. After all of these well thought out selections were performed by

very talented performers the show was finally over.

When I first walked into the hall I felt awkward because this

usually wouldn’t be something I would attend. The performance area

was well lit with lights on each music stand. The rest of the hall was

dark for the most part except a few lights...

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