Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed

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Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed
The two most dominant and fastest growing religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. In the United States, (due greatly to lack of education), there is a great misconception about the Islamic believes and also the similarity that they have to the most Christians cults. Jesus and Mohammed had a similar way of teaching. Concentrating mainly in the worship of the all mighty, and love of one another.
The Life Jesus Christ
At the time of Jesus birth much of the land was under the Roman Empire control. A decree was issue for everyone to return to their birth place in order to conduct a census. Mary who was already wit child from God, but being married to Joseph at the time, had to return to Bethlehem with him. Not being able to find a proper place to stay, they found refuge at a stable where Jesus was born. After his birth very little was written or known until he reached adulthood. It is believed that he follow Joseph’s trade and worked as a carpenter while growing up.
At the age of 30, he reappeared and was baptized by John the Baptist. During the process of the ceremony it is said the voice of God was heard stating that this was His son. He then retired in to the desert for 40 days in whish he fasted and was tempted by the devil. After his return he started preaching and teaching about Salvation and the Kingdom of the Lord. He performed many miracles that broth many non believers to believe that he was the true son of God and the anticipated Messiah. His doctrine was somewhat different to that of the traditional Jewish teachings of that time. In many cases, people were quick to believe the he tough about his own kingdom and ways to reached rather than the traditional Jewish Kingdom of God.
The elder Jewish clergy became jealous of the high amount of followers and the charismatic power of perception that he...

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