JetBlue Apology and Recovery

JetBlue Apology and Recovery

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Case 4-1: Jet Blue Airways Question 4

Case 4-1: Jet Blue Airways Question 4
Question: If implemented, how would you market the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights to external and internal stakeholders? How would this affect JetBlue’s reputation?


JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights could be a tough sell to internal and external stakeholders. As noted in case file 4-1, “the ongoing costs associated with such a groundbreaking program would be unpredictable at best and staggering at worst” (Argenti, 2013, p. 106). The best way to market the bill of rights is to use JetBlue’s CEO David Neeleman’s inspiring words (when he founded JetBlue): Bring back the humanity to air travel (Argenti, p. 102). One might describe as inhumane the treatment of JetBlue passengers who were stuck on the tarmac on February 14, 2007. However, JetBlue was a young company at the time – an upstart who did not follow the lead of the legacy airlines that canceled flights preemptively when the forecast for freezing rain in the New York area was announced. To market the customer bill of rights to its stakeholders, JetBlue’s executive team must prove that this tack is the only way to save the company and regain the loyalty of its cult-like following. Marketing of the bill of rights must be seen by the stakeholders as a “credible plan to make things whole, where possible, or make changes to operating procedures that address the defect” (Hirsch, 2014, p. 51). An apology and complete follow-through with customers and stakeholders makes implementation of the customer bill of rights a straightforward sell.
Customers are usually pleased when a company apologizes. This notion does not always apply in the airline industry. When a flight is canceled, weddings are missed, cruises ships leave without passengers and business deals are lost. In these instances, apologies fall short (even if the weather would deem flight travel unsafe). However, it...

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