Job Fair and Business Model

Job Fair and Business Model

´╗┐Job Fair Brochure
Do you want to work in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere? Are you a team player that enjoys making a lot of money? Do you want to see a company succeed from the ground up? Think you have a great body? Then why not consider a job at Studs & Muffins Espresso?

Why work at Studs & Muffins Espresso? :
We offer competitive wages
Discount gym membership
Paid vacation and sick days
Flexible scheduling
Advancement opportunities
Franchise opportunities

Company information:
Studs & Muffins Espresso is an upstart business committed to delivering the best product with a winning attitude and a smile. Studs & Muffins Espresso is an adult oriented, drive thru espresso stand, geared toward female and gay male clientele. We are family owned business and want you to be a part of our family. Employees will be required to maintain an appealing physical appearance, and will provide only the best possible service to our guests.

Studs & Muffins Espresso is an LLC with William Rigney as CEO. This will enable him to use his personal tax returns, and use the schedule C part to write off business expenses and deductions. Each employee will have the opportunity to buy a franchise after one full year of employment, assuming that one is available at the time. Franchisees will be responsible to uphold the code of ethics and conduct set forth at the time of employment, and be held to the standards that are set forth by William Rigney. Team work will be key to making this company successful. Employees will be held responsible for making the company feel like a family. The adult oriented theme of scantily clad male baristas is in a direct contrast to the lingerie espresso stands scattered throughout this area. William intends to capitalize on the market of women, who by and large, purchase more made to order coffee than anyone.

Each employee will be required to have a minimum education for the position they apply for. A minimum of a GED will be...

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