Joe Wheeler State Park

Joe Wheeler State Park

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Joe Wheeler State Park
My vacation at Joe Wheeler State park. You can do a lot of different things like fishing, hiking and swimming. Also, they have cabins and the resort you can stay in. We picked the cabins, because my children love the feeling of the outdoors.

My two sons love the fishing. Kyle, my oldest son caught one fish that weighted over seven pounds. Jamie, my middle child caught two fish that weighted under three pounds. My little girl did not catch any fish. She was heart broken. I told her maybe next time. If not I would buy her a fish. I did not catch any myself, but I am not a fisherman.

The hiking is best for me. I love being outdoors. The feeling of nature is great. The trails were 2.5 miles long. You can smell the pine trees. You can feel the different things of nature. Like the different sizes and colors of the rocks we found. The different colors of the leaves were very pretty. The bark on the trees was very old and hard. It made the children sleepy from all the walking.

I did not like the swimming, because the water in the lake. It wasn’t clean and it smelled so bad. It burned my eyes and my nose. So, we went back to the cabin and got cleaned up. The pool at the resort was very clean and nice. My little girl liked all the floats and balls in the water. We had a hard time getting her out of the water.

We had a lot of fun at the park. There were different tings for us to do. Most of all I got to spend time with my children. I would recommend Joe Wheeler State Park to any family in need of a vacation. Or if your single it would work for you too. I would like to visit again very soon.

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