Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson
Tutorial 9: Team Case and Presentation – Individual Cases as pre-arranged Theory: HRM Text, Chapter 10 “Human Resource Systems” pp144-161 Also appropriate Lecture OHTs

Recommended Additional Readings: J&J’s 2006 Annual report, CEO’s letter:

Subsidiary see definition For individual or team case analyses choose 3 relevant specific concepts from those suggested below: (1) HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING: Text, pp 148-149 (The steps in the strategic human resource planning process – including Fig 10.2.) (2) ATTRACTING A QUALITY WORKFORCE: The Recruitment Process and Selection Process: Text, pp149-153. (3) DEVELOPING A QUALITY WORKFORCE: Employee Orientation, and Training and Development: Text, pp153-155. Performance Appraisal: Text, pp 155-157 (4) MAINTAINING A QUALITY WORKFORCE: Text, pp 157-160

“FIRST DO NO HARM” (Galen 129-200 AD) Between 29 September 1982 – 1 October 1982 seven people died after taking Extra Strength Tylenol, an analgesic produced by one of Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiarIes. The first victim was 12 year old Mary Kellerman. Adam Janus (27) was the next casualty. Upset by Adam’s sudden death, his younger brother, Stanley, and Stanley’s 19-year old bride took some capsules from the bottle which contained the same tablets that had killed Adam. The 3 deaths in one family of healthy, young adults were highly suspicious so the victims’ blood was sent for analyses. The results of the tests revealed traces of cyanide. At about the same time some firefighters, who had heard about these 4 sudden deaths were discussing the incidents and noted that Tylenol capsules were present in each incident. They realized that the Tylenol the might be thread connecting...

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