Juliet D'Orsey's View of Love

Juliet D'Orsey's View of Love

´╗┐The Wars

This chapter is told from Juliet d'Orsey's point of view, using her memory and her diaries.
She was a young girl who was in love with Robert and curiosity
She was old and on the verge of dying but reading her youthful memories- sad.
Takes place at St. Aubyn's- a place given to the d'Orsey's in 1070
Lady Emmaline was Juliet's mother
Emmaline's husband neglected her, but she didn't mind because it kept him away.
Her impregnated her when she interfered with an affair and it almost killed her
Lady Emmaline turned their large house and gardens into a safe place for her children
Soon became a safe place for soldiers taking leave
It received high standards and came under the patronage of Queen Alexandra
This made Emmaline's husband proud
Taffler stayed here, as did Robert.
Taffler lost his arms, which was a surprise for Robert. Juliet did not tell him and prepare him for the shock.
Juliet felt she was mean unintentionally at times
Barbara and Robert started an affair
Taffler tried to kill himself, but Juliet saved him, although he did not want to be saved.
Little sister named Temple- very smart
Juliet sees Robert and Barbara together, and it disturbs her greatly. She sees that Robert hates Barbara- sort of like Taffler and the Swede
She breaks down and Clive, her brother, comes in an comforts her.
He tells her he is afraid, like Robert and Barbara because they have lost people they love.
We find out Jamie Villiers has died
There is a ghost supposedly haunting one bedroom and she leaves candles so that "her husband wont perish," although he is already dead.
Juliet gives Robert a candle when he leaves, great significance.
Robert gives Juliet Rodwell's scrapbook


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