Jump Starting a Car

Jump Starting a Car

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How To jump start a car

You and your family on driving down south for a family trip. As you enter the great state of South Carolina, everyone is hungry. You beg dad to find a resturant and a shopping mall because mom is bored. When dad finds a resturant and mall he pulls of the highway. As we all exit the car the kids are yelling and the mother wants to leave and shop. So in result of all the crazyness the dad forgets to turn off the car lights. First they go and feed the kid. Then he lets mom shop of hours. Later that day, they decide to go back to the car. Your dad went to start the car and it wouldn’t start because the battery had died. Everyone starts to panic and dad now needs to find someone to help jump the car.

First park a vehicle close to the one that needs to be jumped, but not so close that the vehicles are touching in any way. You'll want to use a good set of jumper cables with thick wire and clean clamps. As you are hooking up the jumper cables, make sure they don't dangle into either engine compartment where they could get caught on moving parts. Turn off the ignition of both vehicles, set the parking brakes, and make sure that they are in either "Park" or "Neutral" depending on whether the vehicles have an automatic or manual transmission. Also, turn off all accessories like lights, radio and, if the vehicles are in a safe area, the hazard flashers. Next begin the process by clamping one of the positive jumper cable, which is red, ends to the positive battery terminal of the dead vehicle. Be sure the connection is strong with the clamp securely "biting" onto the battery terminal. Then connect the negative cable end, which is black, to the negative battery terminal on the car. Next, be very careful not to let the positive and negative ends touch. Repeat steps to the dead car. After, you should make a final check to confirm that the jumper cables are not near any moving engine parts, and start the other car. Let it idle for several minutes,...

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