Kulder Fine Foods Management Overview

Kulder Fine Foods Management Overview

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Running head: Kulder Fine Foods - Management Overview

Kulder Fine Foods - Management Overview Haria Djuli
University of Phoenix
Instructor Patricia Schroeder
April 14, 2008

Kulder Fine Foods
Kulder Fine Foods was formed by Kathy Kudler in 1998 to offer gourmet food products to consumers and by 2003, she has expanded her stores to three stores servicing the Californian market. This paper provides the management overview for Kulder Fine Foods and analyzes if the company are using the right technology and information management system to remain competitive in the food industry.
Management Functions
In order to achieve her vision, she had put in place a management team to perform the four management functions i.e. Planning and Strategizing, Organizing, Leading and Controlling (Balkin & Gomez-Meija, 2002, p. 6).
Planning and Strategizing
Kathy Kulder in her role as the president of the company sets the company’s vision of creating a one-stop shop that stocks and provide a wide selection of fresh ingredients needed by a gourmet cook at reasonable prices. In order to achieve her vision, she plans and strategizes the company’s goals with inputs from her respective directors of Finance and Accounting (Harvey Stephens), Store Operations (Yvonne Reynolds) and Administration and Human Resources (Brenda Wagner).
In Kulder Fine Foods, the Directors of Finance and Accounting, Store Operations and Administration & Human Resources are respectively responsible in organizing the company’s financial, operations and human resources by planning and developing specific sets of policies, procedures and implementing them.
Kulder Fine Foods has three stores currently operating. These stores are led by the Store Managers who are responsible for managing the day-to-day retail activities of the stores together with his team of department managers, cashiers, baggers, stockers and clerks. The Store Managers are responsible to ensure that...

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