Kupier Leda

Kupier Leda

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Running head: Benchmarking Kuiper Leda

Benchmarking Kuiper Leda
Janice D. O’Neal
University of Phoenix

(O’Neal, Publix)
Benchmark (Publix)
Managing inventory in a supply chain involves planning and controlling inventory from the raw material stage to the final delivery at the customers end. This process has levels of planning which include production planning, master production scheduling, and material requirements planning. Businesses must manage their production schedule efficiently to honor the commitments to their customers. Businesses need adequate supplies which will allow the company to handle an excess or shortage of inventory. Kuiper Leda is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in producing Electronic Control Units (ECU’s), and Radio Frequency Identification Device tags (RFID). Kuiper Leda is a small company compared to the competitors however, the company is known for the quality and delivery responsiveness of the products. Midland Motors has placed an order with Kuiper Leda for 250,000 ECU’s with a delivery date of every 4-week and 35,000 RFID tags with a delivery date of every 2-week. Kuiper Leda has to determine how to meet the supply demand, should the company manufacturer or outsource, and develop an effective inventory management plan....

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