La Mafia

La Mafia

The mafia is too rooted, diffuse and covert to be defeated.

Too rooted. Conceptualised and conceived in “ ”, the mafia began as a way for “ ”. since, it has gathered in number of affiliates, and power. Unfortunately many people still see in the mafia the powerful authority that apparently makes it able to keep civil order. Thirdly because the state would have to have intervened years and years ago, obstructing the mafia’s power and the state’s power that has created a sort of cohabitation. it is important to remember that the mafia was born because of the total absence of the state, and in some places one is forced to become a criminal to not die of hunger. The mafia gives people jobs,that is something that the state cannot always do.

Too diffuse. The mafia is everywhere. Numerous clans work in any given place, from the large centres to the small villages. The activities carried out by them are manifold. They leave no trace, no clues, no cell phone number. The idea of defeating the mafia per se is difficult, considering that it is a phenomenon che doesn’t exist just in italy, but half the world. All of the italian organisations arrive in all of europe. It should have been done before. Now the organisations are too large and united, in the sense that the criminal organisations of more places have now made alliances and now it is something to widely spread for anyone to blame on the political climate if it’s not defeated.

Too concealed. The rules of omerta’ and silenzio, the threat of punishment by death, suspicious death or disappearance. Secondly because many mafiosi are protected by people of considerable importance.

The mafia is a developed system of organised crime, an octopus
the mafia cannot ever be defeated(, of course, thanks to people who fought like falcone, borsellino or from the church, today, the mafia, in italy, is a phenomenon that is a little bit subdued and calmed, but certainly not disappeared). The mafia is an organisation too...

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