Language an Culture

Language an Culture

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Yeni Gonzalez
English 102

A Real Tradition or Not

A quincianera is a celebration that started in Spain in the eighteenth-century and has been a tradition ever since. However the way they practiced that tradition back then is very different than how it is practiced now. Many people agree that the rite of this celebration has changed dramatically over the time. It has gone from being a tradition to “just a party”. (Vida 52) In the story, “Bikinis and Tiaras: Quincianeras,” Vendela Vida explains how the tradition of quincianeras has changed by interviewing old and young ladies and noticing how their thoughts of a quincianera are sadly totally different. I personally think this is true because I have experienced many quincianeras over the last ten years and even then I have seen the differences between then and now.

Many decades ago a quincianera was for all girls, the most special day of their lives. The most significant thing for them was to “have a private mass” and to “thank God for bringing them to the world.” (Vida 50) After that, in the party, the quincianera was presented to society as a young woman and for the first time was allowed to wear makeup, more revealing clothes and start talking to boys. During that time they didn’t

really care about having a fancy dress or a very expensive party because that wasn’t of much importance for them. To them the most important thing was going from a little girl to a young lady and being treated that way.

However all that has changed over time. Now a days girls don’t see their quincianera the way the other girls in the past did because all those traditions and customs have changed throughout time leaving them only to think that is just a party and nothing else. It does not signify anything to them because unlike before all these girls now a day have been wearing makeup, dressing very sexy and have had boyfriends already since years before that. One of the...

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