Laptop Advantage

Laptop Advantage

Mobility & Entertainment - what about watching movies on the go, such as in airports, planes in the park etc. If you travel a lot you might find it very convenient to take some DVD's and watch your favorite movies or pre-recorded T. V. shows.

Learning - Do you ever feel that you just don't have the time to learn a new language or just about anything else. There are many different on line sources and programs are interactive & a great way to learn just about anything.

Personal Tasks - If you are like so many of us that feel we don't have time for anything. Take your laptop with you on your lunch break, train/plane etc, edit photos, send e-mails and catch up on some of the things you never seem to have time to do.

Telephone - Mobile phones are one way to keep in contact with the world, but mobile phones can be expensive, if you travel a lot or find yourself sitting down somewhere and making a lot of phone calls from your mobile phone, you might want to consider opening your laptop and calling via skype or any of the other Internet phone services. It might not worth it for a quick call, but a long phone call or many calls, it might be something worth thinking about.

Lack of space - if you have limited space, then think about a laptop. It doesn't take up much space when you are using it , and you can just close it up & put it away.

Privacy - if you ever wanted to work on your computer you feel you have lack of privacy, then there is a big advantage of a laptop. You can pick it up and move to where ever you want. Just remember to erase the Internet history, before someone else uses it.

If anyone has more laptop advantage, pleas let us know.

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