The Goal of One Laptop Per Child

The Goal of One Laptop Per Child

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The goal of one laptop per child is to give a laptop to a child in a lesser developed country. The one lap top per child organization or OLPC has created a laptop that gives learners the opportunity they have not had before. The laptop gives children in poor countries the tools to write, express, construct, design, imagine, create, and much more. All these things help the children become positive, contributing members of their communities. The laptops also help teachers with lesson plans and enables them to have the best practice to the world. The OLPC mission is to have all school aged children in developing world can not also learn but learn about learning.

You might be asking yourself the same question I did when i first learned about OLPC, "How will they pay for those laptop if the poor children's families have no money?". It turns out that they have a program called "give 1 get 1" this allows for people who are interested in the laptops to by one and at the same time give one to a child in a lesser developed country a second copy. The OLPC organization was striving for a price of about $50 per person per child so the buyer would pay only $100. It didn't work out that way the price that I have found that they last posted is $400 dollars. That might be allot of cash for a kids laptop but trust it worth every cent.

The technology on the friendly kids only laptop is incredible.It uses this new battery chemistry it's called lithium ferro-phosphate. The XO laptop uses an average of only 2 watts that is one of the reason its has great battery life. The laptop has the name XO because it has a cord that you pull. If you pull for 1 minute that would be equal to 10 minutes of power. Also there is a way of saving battery power, the color screen is bright and with the strongest sunlight you can turn off the back light all together. The features the XO's are just crazy like there so many things that kids can...

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