Leadership Worksheet

Leadership Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading
Organizational Socialization

Gene One has found great success in their Chief Technology Officer, Teri Robertson. Teri is so good at her job that she was named as the Chief Technology Officer of the year. This does not discredit her ability and the fact that she has implemented some very important research projects for Gene One, Teri can be taken for granted by her uncle as well. Teri and Michelle have obvious tensions that are not good for two key members of a Leadership Team.

“Organizational socialization The process by which individuals learn the values, expected behaviors, and social knowledge necessary to assume their roles in the organization,”(McShane & Von Glinow, 2005 p. 2).
Adaptive Culture

Adapting the new IPO plan initially was to offer a lower stock price, which would give the investors a clear opportunity for return on their investment. Michelle, who is the CFO of Gene One, indicated that investors are going to be much more cautious about biotech investments because of the human genome sequencing scandal. Michelle was concerned that this would have a negative impact on Gene One success. “Adaptive Culture organizational culture in which employees focus on the customers and other stakeholders, and support initiatives to pace with those changes” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005)

Organizational Culture

Gene One Executive Angela Thomas, was resign from her position because was unhappy or not pleased with the company new focus. Angela passion was more focused on applied research and thought that Gene One was more focused on pleasing Wall Street. Hence, Angela was
satisfied with some elements of the job but at the same time dissatisfied with other element of the job. Organizational Culture is a the basic pattern of shared assumptions, beliefs governing the way employees within an organization think about and act on...

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