Learning Style Diagnostic

Learning Style Diagnostic

Learning Style Diagnostic


Everyone has a learning style (and a tendency toward a particular intelligence or so Gardiner and others would argue) and it is an interesting question whether the attributes and characteristics of that learning style would impact on the teaching style. A research question might offer the hypothesis that the preferred learning style will provide a reflection of a particular teaching style.


Complete the following test, which is not designed to provide an absolute diagnosis of your preferred learning style, but can be used to identify potential trends or patterns in the way that you might prefer to function as a learner. Score each statement provided in the appropriate column by giving yourself the number that seems to best reflect your attitude or response.

With the results of the test in mind attempt to critically analyze the hypothesis about the possible connection between learning and teaching styles

Very Little Like Me
A Little Like Me
Like Me

A Lot Like Me

I feel the best way to remember something is to picture it in my head.
I follow oral directions better than written ones
I often would rather listen to a lecture than read the material in a textbook
I am constantly fidgeting (e.g. tapping pen, playing with keys)
I frequently require explanations of diagrams, graphs or maps
I work skillfully with my hand to make or repair things
I often prefer to listen to the radio than read a newspaper
I typically prefer information to be presented visually (e.g. flipcharts)
I usually prefer to stand while working
I typically follow written instruction better than oral ones *...

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