Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

Running Head: Same-Sex Marriages

Same – Sex Marriages: Should They Be Legalized?
By Robyn L. Saunders


Background Information

Traditionally in this country, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and a woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love. Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in this country, however, these couples have not been permitted to marry.

Some states have considered a new form of commitment called “Civil Unions’ which essentially is marriage without using the word “Marriage”. Many politicians have said they are against gay marriage but think it should be left up to the states to decide.

However, the “full faith and credit” clause of the Constitution says that if one state makes a law, other states must recognize it. Thus, if one state allows a gay marriage and that couple moves to another state, the other state must recognize that marriage. This in effect allows one state to make same sex marriage legal in the entire country.

Many politicians are calling for amendments to their state constitution or the U.S. Constitution. Many areas of the country such as San Francisco have performed marriage ceremonies in defiance of the law. Lost in all the legal battles and political maneuvering is the question “Should gay couples be allowed to legally marry?”

In the United States there are many issues that people think should be dealt with seriously, taking into consideration both the pros and cons of each subject. One of the issues that recently has become a more seriously addressed in many states, and one that is becoming more socially acceptable, is the issue of same sex marriages.

In 1999, former President Clinton enabled the “Defense of Marriage Act” which allowed each individual state to decide whether or not to recognize same sex marriages. On the issue of same sex marriage in California, the religious conservatives led...

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