Same Sex Marriages

Same Sex Marriages

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Same-Sex Marriages 1

Same-Sex Marriages

Lyndell English

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Same-Sex Marriages 2

In May 2008 California lifted the ban and legalized same-sex marriages. In the first three month the ban was lifted 11,000 gay and lesbian couple shared their vows. In November 2008 proposition 8 was put on the ballot for the citizens of California to ban same-sex marriages in the state and proposition 8 won. The 11,000 gay and lesbian marriages are no longer valid. (Christian Century, 2008)
Same-sex, marriages should not be legal, marriage is between a man and a woman, legalizing same-sex marriage will redefine marriage as we know it. [pic]
In the three months that gay and lesbian couples could marry in California 11,000 took their vows. These 11,000 legal marriages represent 10 percent of the same-sex couples in the state of California. Christian Century (2008)

Legalizing same sex marriages will threaten the definition of a marriage between a man and a woman. The meaning of marriage can change, to devotion and shared commitment. Marriage could consist of any relationship no longer between a man and a woman but redefined as a relationship between multiple partners of either sex. (Dailey, 2008)

Same-Sex Marriages 3

Gay and lesbian relationships are different from married couples.
The traditional married couples remain married 20 years or longer most married couples remain married for life. There are extraordinary number of gay and lesbian relationships that are short lived and transient in nature. Studies show the duration of a gay and lesbian relationship is one and a half years. (Dailey, 2008)
Defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman is called a traditional marriage. A traditional marriage will not discriminate against same-sex couples. Or will it deny same-sex couples their basic civil rights extended to other citizens....

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