Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

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What it means to be an Australian?

Australia is a nation of respect and pride. Living in Australia is the most remarkably the greatest gift one is able to have. Being in an Australian is being able to have opportunities in education, having the opportunities to live in a peaceful and free country as well is being a part of a multi cultural nation.

Australia is a nation that is full of opportunities. Education is one of the main prospects that are available to Australian people of all ages. Education in Australia gives children of all ages a chance to explore their skills in all areas of many different subjects. Children are able to take control of their goals for their own future. They are able to plan and imagine about what they want in their lives. Every single child is given many opportunities; being independent and having the ability to socialise with other students of different backgrounds and ages. As a student, learning has given a sense that makes one feel strong and believe that everything that one does will make them successful physically and mentally. Being able to learn in an environment with all the resources and needs, to gain knowledge of is, nobility that anyone worldwide would wish for. Most children from other countries don’t have the chance to study in facilities that help them become what they want in their futures. In Iraq children are not able to learn or discover life. They aren’t able to visualize their futures or have power over of their being. Believing in one self can make anyone’s dreams come true, and believing will make one stronger for their own well being. Being an Australia gives one a chance to be educated in a country with so much freedom and peace.

Freedom and peace is a reason why living in Australia is so superior. Being Australian means to be able to walk in ones neibourhood feeling safe and secure. Living Australia is a place where people are able to have their own say about what they want. It is a democratic...

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