Life on another planet

Life on another planet

Life on Another Planet

Kepler system is made up of many planets: approximately 69 of them. Many have the same structure as the Earth, such as, it has the capability to hold water like an ocean, and has an atmosphere some-what like the Earth.

Kepler-22b is a planet roughly 600 light years away from earth and is approximately 2.4 earth’s size. It takes on the same similarities as the earth. It shows that is has clouds which offers us the distinction that is has an atmosphere with the capability of having oxygen to breath without the need of special equipment. Which could save us tremendous amounts of money to be able to use on other things. Just imagine being able to live on a planet other than earth without special equipment needed to sustain life; just being able to go outside, breathe clean air and enjoy life on the nicely landscaped and wonderful temperatures of Kepler-22b.
The surface temperature of Kepler-22b is approximately 22C (72F) which would be comfortable for sustaining life on its planet. With its land mass and the capability to hold water, this would be a well-designed planet to live on.

With the earth’s ozone layer slowly dissipating, the future of viable life here could be in jeopardy. With the constant changing ozone, we could see catastrophic weather changes including but not limited to deadly storms, super earthquakes, flooding, etc... As the earth evolves to these points of destruction, we may find it imperative that we have somewhere else to build and live in the future.
Scientist have found that in order to sustain life on another planet, you will need a water source. This will be needed to grow plants, trees, vegetables, for oxygen and food. Not only would you use this for food, it would be an invaluable source...

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