Planet Xenon

Planet Xenon

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For many years we have wondered of a place where people can go out and not have to worry about having a problem of fitting in with the crowd? Well I want those people that are interested to come visit the newest town on the planet. This place is an main attraction for people that like to go to clubs, bars, or just to go to a place where it is peace and quite. Planet Xenon also has special events and have special guests that will be there to sign autographs. Planet Xenon opens at noon and closes at midnight.

To start with, I am going to explain about the clubs that we have and the interactions with the clubs. There are many type of clubs that have different styles such as, country, hip-hop, and rock type clubs. Each club will have a special guest to perform live on stage. Its important to get tickets as soon as you can before they are sold out. There will also be people there that will be break-dancing and we will hold competitions. If any person thinks that they have what it takes to be the best, then he/she is welcome to compete. I suggest that the members bring their “A” game if they want to win the cash award at the end of every month of two thousand dollars.

Next, we also have a wide variety of bars that relate to different activities such as sporting events. For instance, At our sport bars, there are different types of sections at the bar that are for different sport fans. Everyone is welcome to join in any sports bar with only one admission to get in. There’s also at least one player for each sport there to sign autographs and have conversations with about their life or a certain performance they have had in the past. At every bar there is an arcade room for those that like to play sporting games such as, air hockey, basketball, tennis, and much more.

Furthermore, we also have a small daycare for those who are under 18 and can not enter. So now the people can have some time to have fun and not worry about your children. Our daycare is open...

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