Lock of Leadership in Corporate Governance

Lock of Leadership in Corporate Governance

BU 300 Business Ethics

Prof. Joseph Lizza

Edward Montero

Lock of Leadership on Corporate Governance

I will begin by describing what the theme of the governance and leadership means to me. I understand the fact that Governance is the system used to direct and control a corporation by making polices and rules. It defines the rights and responsibilities of key corporate participants, decision making procedures and the way in which the organization will be set to achieve and monitor its objective goals. It is ideal to think that in the real world corporation governance and leadership behave according to the above definitions, but the truth is that there are a lot of issues which have demonstrated that some companies board of directors are not doing what they are supposed to do fully committed and big major companies have fallen apart due to lock of leadership.

An exceptional Board of Directors must be mainly composed of strong leaders with good values, good moral concepts, a defined line, great personality, commitment, integrity and most important good strategic skills and powerful plan execution. If organizations base their board of directors with good ethical values created by strong leaders, then most likely there is a great possibility for a permanent success. The difficulty is not only to form a good board, but to monitor it and make sure that every individual has the necessary attributes that would fit to the company’s culture and mission.

Some of today’s reason for the breakdowns and dissolutions of big corporations going on bankruptcy an some of them experiencing scams and controversial financial scandals mainly happened at the eyes of the board members and even with the fully participation and collaboration of this members and the only explanation to this problematic is resumed to their lock of leadership.

I am convinced that there are very good and strong leaders out there doing their job and dignifying their moral responsibility,...

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