Lord of the Flies: Old Fashioned

Lord of the Flies: Old Fashioned

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Lord of the flies was a book that, while I thought the themes in it were interesting and valuable, I did not enjoy. I felt the storyline was not one that I could relate to nor was interested in, I also found the intense, often long – winded descriptions in the book, while brilliant, somewhat irritating and believe that they detracted from the text. Perhaps due to the fact that it was a compulsary text, I felt the book was a chore to read and often at times found myself reading the words however no absorbing them so feel that the book was not particularly easy to read. Whilst reading Lord of the flies it was not a book I enjoyed however upon finishing it I began to realise the full value, merits and depths of the story and believe it to be an amazing piece of work even if it is one I do not like.

Lord of the flies is a novel about a group of boys who crash on an island, the challenges they face, and how they disturbingly quickly revert to savagery when the structure and expectations of society are removed. It was a book written to examine the human condition and presented the idea that humans are innately barbaric and that when ‘civilisation’ and the drapings of society are removed, humans will revert to savagery. William Golding tried to portray just how thin the line between civilisation and savagery really is and, through the sudden, violent deaths of Piggy and Simon and the jealousy driven division of the boys, succeeded.

Because Lord of the flies was written more than fifty years ago, the writing style was quite noticeably different; the book was written in a very formal manner and was somewhat old fashioned – often using quite unusual words and syntax in comparison to books written in a more modern era. The spoken dialogue in the story was also written in a way I had never come across which meant that at times, if the reader was not concentrating carefully, it was difficult to determine who was speaking, I also found it quite hard to remember all...

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