Lost Si Counselling

Lost Si Counselling

Event oriented counseling focusing on PFC XXXX's loss of a sensitive item in a combat zone, its recovery, and actions taken to prevent future occurrences.

PFC XXXX, on the evening of 22 March 2010, you left your living area and proceeded to the latrine with your weapon in hand. After completing your business there, You returned to your living area and bedded down for the night. The following morning woke awoke and began to prepare yourself for the mission. During your preparations, you discovered that your weapon was not in your possession. You immediately informed your Section Leader and began searching the local area for your lost weapon. Under the direction of your Platoon Sergeant and Section Leader, and with the assistance of your fellow Soldiers, the weapon was found in the latrine and returned to your possession.

The loss of a sensitive item in a combat zone can needlessly endanger the lives of individuals within a unit. The consequences of a lost weapon system in a combat zone can be dire. In the most extreme cases, it can lead to your death and/or the death of a fellow Soldiers and/or leaders. Any consequences can have severe and lasting effects upon a unit's morale, cohesion, and combat readiness.

Sensitive items are strictly controlled for these very reasons and it falls on the individual to whom they are assigned to ensure that they remain secure. Any sensitive item assigned to you that is not in your direct control must be stored in a secure location or under the guard of other authorized personnel.

Corrective training will be implemented and supervised to ensure that you are aware of these seriousness of your actions and their possible repercussions. This training will also ensure that you are aware of the necessary steps to prevent any further occurrences. Any future loss of sensitive items will result in immediate initiation of actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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