Low Wages...High Turnover

Low Wages...High Turnover

Human Resource Strategic Planning
Low Wage High Turnover Businesses

Ian Narine Singh
University of Nebraska @ Omaha

PA 8410- Fall 2013
Professor Ogborn

Strategic planning is a concept that requires people who are bold enough to convey their views of future trends and plan accordingly for those trends. Human Resources a field that is in constant flux as the interests of private enterprise as well public service agencies must bend to the whim of the prevailing winds of change. In this paper, I will attempt to identify some of the trends of that Human Resource Managers face in the 21st century and the tools exist or will be available in the future. A brief history of the labor movement and the laws enacted to appease the labor unrest and union busting efforts by ownership.
The struggle for power in between unions and industry is one that changes over time, with the government in the middle as an ombudsman mitigating the violence of the past. The economic turmoil of the 21st century has shifted the balance of power in favor of employers as "the Great Recession" has created a pool of workers who have had difficulty returning to the workforce as private enterprise has increased the workload of existing workers. The most telling sign of our current labor uncertainty is the stagnation of wages and increased cost of essentials such as housing and fuel. Wages, seems to be the biggest stumbling block faced by Human Resource professionals as they are asked to devise methods of increasing efficiency, recruit and retain essential employees without the use of the best tool available in the arsenal of HRM…Money.
Over the past few months, there has been a public outcry over the wages earned by employees of two of the largest corporations in the United States. Walmart and McDonalds, employers of over two million Americans in the United States, with business interests internationally. The practice of traditional Human Resource Management offers...

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