Lpg Business

Lpg Business

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Financial Aspects

The company will invest on the following assets:
Tank (10000 Liters) – costing 300,000
LPG dispensers (2 hoses each) – 900,000 (450,000 each)
Roofing/signage/lights - 200,000
Comfort room – 100,000
Land Improvements (100 Sq Meter land) – 500,000
Initial Inventory (10000 Liters at 28 pesos per liter) – 280,000 pesos

Total Initial Investment Cost will be PHP 2,000,000

Each of the 11 incorporators shall invest 200,000 for a total of PHP1,100,000. The remaining 900,000 will be loaned from Security Bank at 12% per annum

Technical Aspect
Comparative Emission Data
Particulars 0.001 0.001 0.14
Hydrocarbons (HC) 0.09 0.14 0.97
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0.3 0.6 2.72
Greenhouse Gas (CO2) 170 190 No Standard

Marketing Aspect

We will be partnering with Manila Autogas, the leading local conversion company which will be set up right beside our refilling station. At present, our partner has the following conversion cost rates:

Car Displacement EFI
Below 1.6 CC P35,000
Above 1.8 CC ~ Below 2.4 CC
* FX TAXI P40,000
Above 2.4 CC ~ Below 3.0 CC
* VAN, DOHC Engine Car P45,000
Above 3.0 CC
* Depends on the availability of the Kits and the type of vehicle subject for installation P50,000
Although we will not be profiting from any conversions made from our partner. A conversion and repair center beside our company’s refilling station will get the company more customers since they will choose to refill in our station after troubleshooting of their engines.


A popular way of increasing revenues is by fleet accounts. A fleet account is usually a group of taxis having the same franchise, a group of vehicles serving a particular purpose like funerals, school services and others. Popular examples of a group of taxis may include mall taxis, airport taxis, delivery taxis and others.

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