Making Affective Changes

Making Affective Changes

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Affecting Changes
Organizational Leadership


This paper will outline a recommended restructuring of Smith and Falmouth, to empower their employees. It will discuss their methods of control and the culture of the organization. Additionally the paper will also give suggestions to management, ways to improve their practices and why.

Background Information
Smith and Falmouth currently is a mid-size tele-shopping and mail order network company (Leadership and Action Stimulation assessment). Due to future forecast in the technology field, six months ago, Smith and Falmouth Online Chief Operating Officer, recently started a new e-tailing division. This new department or division does not halt Smith and Falmouth’s past operations.
The Chief Operating Officer, is giving this new department nine months to produce and be successful. Presently Smith and Falmouth have employees who are not willing to work beyond their means. They have become comfortable in their present ways of doing and producing at their own pace. They are not feeling a part of the company and, the culture of the company has suffered as a result of this.
Department Restructuring
Currently the new Chief Operating Officer is noticing there is a resistance toward her. Employees are now forming their own groups, and not giving respect to the new Chief Operating Officer, which s making her feel she is not a successful leader. She knows if changes are not met soon it will cause a delay in making production goals.
. She knows to be an effective leader is having the ability to influence a group of people to accomplish goals that are put before them (Robbins & Judge 2007). She took a group of employees to form other departments, in the company to form this new department. The Chief Operating Officer felt these employees were a perfect fit for this new division. In this...

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