Managerial Analysis and Communication

Managerial Analysis and Communication

Managerial Analysis and Communication
Case Analysis
“Adimpur Gram Vikas Sahakari Mandali”

Group Assignment-1
Date of Submission –14th July, 2008

Submitted to:
Prof. Debi Prasad Misra

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Section –A
Amit Goel Roll no- 28030
Suman Roll no-28017
Debashis Roll no-28022
Taveshi Roll no-28032
Suruchi Roll no-28037

Institute of Rural Management, Anand


The present case is an example of the dilemma whether any action should be taken or not for the long term and short term benefits for the village. The talati cum panchayat secretary has to weigh his options between a sustainable water resource and increase in area of production. People of the village are resourceful enough which is evident through initiation of lift irrigation cooperative. On the other hand the talati is an experienced man and respected for his competency regarding the various development issues addressed by him in other villages. There’s one tank covering an area of 30 bighas in the village. Its used for bathing, washing and irrigation purposes. Tanks also recharge groundwater, control flood and harvest rain water. Moreover it is the only source of irrigation for small and marginal farmers in the village. The tank is under threat for illegal farming in its bed. If such farming is allowed to continue, according to Saiyed’s past experience it shall result in the extinction of the tank.
The decision problem in front of the talati is whether to stop the illegal occupation of the tank land or not. The credibility of the farmer who has occupied the land is also in question. Marginal farmers who can not afford to be the members of the newly formed cooperative would be severely affected if cultivation is...

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