Marketing 360

Marketing 360

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1.0 Overview and Mission
Company Background:
AppIT is a company that provides a state of the art mobile application designed to be usable on smartphones and tablets. The founding idea of AppIT consists of creating an application that is infuse with educational games, games social media platforms, instant chat, organizing folders, and help tips. Indeed, knowing that there are numerous applications out there that varying from games, social media platforms and more; but there are no applications have it all. AppIT designed a mobile application that fits in this all-in one category where it features all those application in one.

AppIT is like an organization folders, communication and game center, with a feature for educational and guidance help. The mobile application update automatically that will give consumers the newest information in the online communities and games. Thus, social conscious consumers are able to stay with the latest buzz and never be out-of-date. More information of the product is provided later on in this documentation.

The mission for AppIT is to close the gap between fun and education in a way to benefit both. It is one of the most complete mobile sources for consumers. AppIT is an organizer that that features top social medias, games, educational help, other helping tips – for studying and bullying, and more. The purpose of this application is to enhance the learning experiences for young consumers with a fun and entertaining way.

* Earn the title of “Top 10 application” by mobile application purchase center
* Keeping an operating cost of less than 35%.
* Reach and maintain a 12% gross profit margin in the first year of operation.
* Keeping employee labour costs 37% of total sales.
* Earn at least 4% percent market share.

2.0 Industry Overview
The mobile application market is one of the fastest growing markets currently. Since the 21st century, the rise of mobile application...

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