Marketing- Mcdonalds

Marketing- Mcdonalds

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I. Executive Summary 1
1. Introduction 2
1.1. The history of McDonald’s 2
1.2. McDonald’s Worldwide Corporate Overview 3
1.3. McDonald’s in Australia 4
1.4. The fast food market in Australia 5
1.5. Australia’s growing issue: Obesity 6
2. PESTLE Analysis 8
2.1. Political 8
2.2. Economical 9
2.3. Social 11
2.3.1. Demography 11
2.3.2. Culture 12
2.3.3. Obesity 13
2.4. Technological 14
2.5. Legal 16
2.6. Environmental 17
3. SWOT Analyses McDonald’s 19
3.1. Strengths 19
3.2. Weaknesses 22
3.3. Opportunities 24
3.4. Threats 27
4. Recommendations 30
4.1. Short Term Recommendations 30
4.2. Medium Term Recommendations 32
4.3. Long Term Recommendations 33
5. Conclusion 36
II. Bibliography III
III. Appendix IX

I. Executive Summary

In the last couple of decades, the obesity in the world has been increasing in such enormous rates that the company has been receiving a great deal of attention from governments, media, consummers and companies all around the world. As McDonald’s is the biggest fast food chain in the world, consequently it has been receiveing great part of the responsability for this obesity crisis.
In Australia, it has’t been any different than from the rest of the world, with the obesity rates being higher than ever, McDonald’s Australia, has been putting a lot of effort in trying to improve its image and show its concerns regarding this major problem in current society. However, in the end of the day, the fact is that most of McDonald’s products are far from being considered healthy.
Considering this major problem that McDonald’s has been facing and that tends to become bigger and bigger if the comapny doesn`t take the correct approch, this report was developped in order to contribute to McDonald’s Australia to build short, medium and long term strategies regarding this obesity problem. It is impossible not to notice that McDonlad’s has been doing quite a lot to attack this matter but as the founder of McDonald’s,...

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